Plant Heritage – National Plant Collection

Plant Heritage runs the National Plant Collection scheme within the United Kingdom. A National Plant Collection is a registered and documented collection of a group of plants. These can be linked botanically by plant group, or perhaps have a shared history or geography. To find out more about the work of Plant Heritage, and the National Plant Collections, visit their website

We were very pleased that in November 2012 our collection of Fuchsias, which are attributed to being introduced by James Lye, was designated as a Heritage Collection within the National Plant Collection scheme. The official name of the National Plant Collection is ‘Fuchsia cvs. (introduced by James Lye)’.

Our National Plant Collection can be viewed by the general public by appointment, on a special open day or by visiting us at a public event (plant fair, horticultural show, etc.). For details on when our collection is next available to view please check our events page.

The table below lists the Fuchsias which form our National Plant Collection of Fuchsia cvs. (introduced by James Lye). To find out more about a particular fuchsia, please click on the cultivar name. If you would like to purchase a young plant, click on the adjacent link to our online shop and you will be directed to the relevant page in our online shop.

Cultivar NameAvailable to Purchase
Amy LyeVisit our Online Shop
Annie EarleVisit our Online Shop
Arabella ImprovedVisit our Online Shop
Beauty of Clyffe HallVisit our Online Shop
Beauty of SwanleyVisit our Online Shop
Beauty of TrowbridgeVisit our Online Shop
CharmingVisit our Online Shop
ClipperVisit our Online Shop
Duchess of AlbanyVisit our Online Shop
Harriet LyeVisit our Online Shop
James LyeVisit our Online Shop
Letty LyeVisit our Online Shop
LovelinessVisit our Online Shop
Lye’s EleganceVisit our Online Shop
Lye’s ExcelsiorVisit our Online Shop
Lye’s FavouriteVisit our Online Shop
Lye’s OwnVisit our Online Shop
Lye’s PerfectionVisit our Online Shop
Lye’s UniqueVisit our Online Shop
Miss LyeVisit our Online Shop
Mrs GrantVisit our Online Shop
ScarcityVisit our Online Shop
Swanley BeautyVisit our Online Shop
White QueenVisit our Online Shop
Winifred GlassVisit our Online Shop